Hi, I’m Ben. Thanks for checking out my site. 

I grew up in Seattle where I listened to Nirvana, rocked flannel, worked as a snowboard instructor, and cheered on the Mariners, Sonics (RIP), and the Seahawks. 

I spent my formative years skateboarding 24/7, eventually landing myself a sponsorship from a local skate shop. 

I’ve worked every kind of construction and even did a stint working in rural Alaska at a fish cannery. Plenty of great stories from that summer I’d love to share in person. One of them involves a bear. 

When I lived in LA I started surfing. These days I live for a great East Coast fall hurricane swell.

But you can't always surf in NYC, so lately I've been spending my free time trying to get humor essays published. Here's one I just got in McSWEENEY'S.    

Currently I live with my wife, daughter, and my dog in Brooklyn and spend my days at Wieden+Kennedy NYC.