Pizza Hut is the official pizza of March Madness. They needed to use the tournament to show they were committed to an easy ordering experience. But we had no proof point to back it up. So we made the Pie Tops. A shoe with a button on the tongue that orders pizza straight to wherever the wearer is standing. 

The project got more press than we ever expected. The Daily Show, local news stationsTMZ, SportsCenterTODAY AustraliaAl Roker on the Today ShowTIME,  AVO Club, UPROXX, CBS SPORTS, CNBC, Fox News, Huffington Post, IGN, Cosmopolitan, The Daily MealThe Mirror UK, Daily Mail UKNBC News, CheddarBusiness Insider, Teen Vogue, SeventeenNow ThisNY Daily News, SB Nation, USA Today, Hypebeast, ComplexSLAM magazinePop Sugarcnet, Tech CrunchEngadget, Fast Co, Kicks on Fire, The StreetThrillist, and this.  

It also led to Pizza Hut creating the Pie Top 2 the following year. The 2's also created a media storm AND we're featured on an episode of Tabasko Sweet's Cheap Thrills, which, to me, is an advertising dream come true. 


The case study sums it all up. 


We launched the Pie Tops how any new shoe would be launched, with a shoe-porn video. 

Grant Hill told the world. 

YouTube legend Unbox Therapy did an awesome walkthrough of every detail.

There was also a lot of fan art. This video done by Sporting News is my favorite. 

We didn't know what the shoes we're actually worth until one influencer put his on eBay.